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Ticking off the to do list..

Recent weeks have seen a surge in the demand for Wills as people realise the importance of putting their affairs in order.

Fear surrounding the coronavirus has triggered the growth with the deVere group announcing a 76% rise in enquiries over the last couple of weeks.

Attitudes are changing and as the reality hits home with every loss of life during this pandemic, the "I'll do it later" becomes "I must do it today".

We are here to help you put your future plans in place, to give you peace of mind. Something we do every day for our community, not just in these challenging times.

Adapting our process to ensure the social distancing rules are maintained, we can be contacted as usual on 01530 277841 and are happy to talk through any areas of concern in a free initial discussion.

The importance of having a Will should not be underestimated.

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