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Lasting Power of Attorney

Who would look after your affairs if you were unable to?

Losing mental capacity doesn’t necessarily happen later in life. Anyone can become a victim through an accident or illness.

If it should happen to you and you are not prepared it could cause major problems for you and your family financially such as being ‘locked’ out of joint bank accounts and other financial arrangements. Having someone you know and trust to be able to speak and act on your behalf can only be beneficial. Making a Lasting Power of Attorney should be just as important as making a Will, if not more so.

LPA Property and Financial Affairs ~ Allows you to plan ahead by choosing someone you trust to make decisions for you and take appropriate action on your behalf regarding your property and financial affairs. The person(s) is known as your ‘Attorney’. They can manage your finances and property whilst you still have capacity as well as when you lack capacity. You can decide what power and the extent of the power to give them. This type of LPA does not allow the person(s) you have chosen to make decisions about your personal welfare.

LPA Health and Welfare ~ Allows you to plan ahead with regard to your personal healthcare and welfare. These decisions can only be taken by someone else when you lack the ability to make them yourself. The Attorney you appoint to make personal welfare decisions can only do so once the LPA is registered and you cannot make the required decision for yourself. These decisions may include types of healthcare, medical treatment, residential care or day to day aspects such as diet, your dress or daily routine.

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